Local voices matter

Local voices matter

During the 2013 – 2016 Council term a proposal was floated to sell off various pieces of reserve land in the district.

A number of these reserve areas were in Omokoroa. As a fairly new resident of Omokoroa it was clear that selling any green space in a rapidly growing community was not a sensible idea.

With two others we mobilised the community and filled the Settlers’ Hall to overflowing with 300 plus people vigorously opposing the sale of our reserve land.

The councillors that were around the table during that period heard the community voice loud and clear and the sale process was abandoned.

It was this experience that made me run for the Omokoroa Community Board.

Knowing that change is possible, that community opinion is important and that residents in an area understand it better than anyone else is why I am standing for the Kaimai Ward.